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So I decided to get into brewing beer as a hobby and hopefully a retirement job!

Brewing a Dark Belgium Ale

Day 1: I fully expected the brewing stage to take 1.5 hours…. MISTAKE! Boiling #$%*% water took 1.5 hours! So after all that, following the recipe to make the wort wasn’t too difficult. 5 hours!

I was told and read that sanitation is key for fermentation otherwise you get off-flavors as the yeast works to convert the sugar to alcohol. This is when I can dork out on science a little bit… basically if something get’s in the beer that is organic and not intended, when the wort starts to oxidize the organic compounds it will make the beer taste bad!

Day 2: Bottling was much easier, I didn’t have to boil anything. I also sanitized everything in advance to prepare for bottling rather than doing it all at once! After the fermentation stage the Final Gravity gave me a ABV% of 7.5 which is perfect! I tasted the beer and it tasted great! (for warm, uncarbonated beer…) It has now been bottled and will be ready in about two weeks, right in time for vacation!

Good fun and certainly a hobby I can get behind! Let’s plan this first batch to be scrumptious and we can get onto the next round!


Update on Sept 15th!