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I might label today “one of the toughest days of parenting.” Now, I had not yet started a blog, or any personal journaling, until very recently. I’m sure there were many of these moments in the past – the first few weeks of infancy or days of extreme teething, for example. And I foresee many moments in the near future – bringing home baby #2 and potty training, for example.

Today, our battle is a sick toddler and a sick mama. I don’t often get sick, and think I’m pretty resilient most of the time. I’ve been sick once or twice with Milo, in his first year. Those days were long, but manageable. You could nap as often as your baby did. And when your baby was awake, they were not mobile. So, lots of couch lounging was an option. Distant memories now.

I believe most kids are really great, at being sick. It’s us adults, that struggle. Milo can run around the house still, at 100 mph, snot running down his face, and catching his breath in between coughs. I, on the other hand, am attempting to keep up at 80mph, and all I can do is stare at the clock counting the minutes until his nap (3 hours and 2 minutes, by the way). I’ve had many “I want my mommy” moments – but there is no relief. I am a parent now. I am 100% committed and self-sacrificing at a time like this. It’s extremely eye-opening. And scary! I’m pregnant with my second, and I am terrified of the day when I’ve got 2 under 2 and we are all at home. Sick. And crying. Will we survive? Today, I feel doubtful that we will….