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Okay, so my wife and I agreed to blog about life…. I have been slacking!

After long await I will publish the outcome of my first batch of beer, Bryce’s Irreverent Brew! I was tremendously paranoid batching my first beer, I was told by a colleague that sanitation was absolutely critical due to flavor issues after fermentation. Therefore I rigorously sanitized everything that was to come in contact with the beer. Thank God I got it right!

I found myself very satisfied with the outcome of “Irreverent”. The final ABV came in at 7.5%, SUCCESS! It has a flavor profile of smooth brown sugar, with a whip of bitterness from the hops. So far the independent samplers have given great reviews which simply means I did it correctly!

So the only issue I have now is with how life has changed I don’t make enough time to drink beer as excessively as I may have at one time… This simply means that you are all invited to help me finish what I have so I can move onto another style of beer. I have committed myself to brew 5 kit style brews to ensure I have solid methods before creating my own style from stratch.

For those that plan on visiting during the Holiday’s or after “O” is born I will have fresh brew ready for your taste buds!

So for now so long, I will try to be more of an intellectualist and write a little more often,