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So, I think this is my 5th project on the sewing machine. Not bad for only two weeks of sewing.  This has been my favorite for two reasons A) it’s easy and B) it’s so dang cute!  I followed the “easiest burp cloth tutorial” from Diary of a Quilter, for a general guideline.  The only difference I made, was rather than accenting with a ribbon, I added another print of fabric to the bottom.  I also cut that fabric in the coordinating zig zag shape.  That was a new challenge with the sewing machine.  It’s not perfect, but I am confident enough to gift it!  I’ll put the kitchen and the cave stamp of approval on this one!

This project took me approximately an hour.  Now that I know the steps, I anticipate this to be a 20-30 minute project moving forward.  Save your pattern for future, and you’ll spend more time cutting and ironing, than you will even at the sewing machine.  Very easy, affordable, and sweet gift!


Who doesn’t love owls??!


Zig zag detail